Welcome to Hackabull 2021! 

Hackabull is the Univeristy of South Florida's original 24-hour hackathon. This year, Hackabull will be fully virtual and held on March 13th - March 14th, 2021. We continue to promote creation and innovation for the third year of Hackabull by allowing all students and professionals from all majors to participate. Work together in a group of up to 4 for a total of 24 hours, to bring an idea to life!

Hackers from around the world unite in this amazing event as we bring to you Hackabull 2021!


  • Teams can be created with up to 4 individuals. 
  • Project/Code must be worked on only from March 13th at 12:00 PM (EST) until March 14th at 12:00 PM (EST).
  • Projects from other hackathons and projects that have been worked on prior to this alloted time will not be eligble. 
  • Open source Libraries/APIs/Frameworks are okay to use, but make sure your project is your own work. Do not copy other projects or online code!


It is worth noting that hacking ends at 12 PM EST on March 14th, and Submissions will be accepted from 1 pm - 2:30 PM EST on Devpost. It is recommended that you create a submission before 1 PM EST as you can continue editing it until 2:30 PM EST.

Have one member submit the project and add the other members to the project on Devpost. This will help us to verify who was on your team!

Check boxes for the different prize categories (Sponsor prizes, Best First-Time Hacker, Funniest Hack, Most Impactful Hack) that your project is eligible for! This makes sure you maximize your swag winning possibilities. Note: If you win one of the overal prizes (1st, 2nd, or 3rd place), you will NOT be eligible to win one of the Hackabull Category prizes (Best First-Time Hacker, Funniest Hack, and Most Impactful Hack). However, if you win one of the overall prizes, you are still eligible to win a sponsor prize. 

Make sure to include your GitHub repository in your submission!

It is required that you include a video demo (5 minutes maximum) of your project. If your video is longer than 5 minutes, only the first 5 minutes of the video will be judged. 

Hackathon Sponsors


$3,776 in prizes

First Place

Nintendo Switch Lite

Second Place

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Third Place (2)

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Best First Time Hacker

At least half of the team must be a first time hacker!

Most Impactful

Prize will be given to the team with the most impactful hack!

Funniest Hack

Prize will be given to the funniest hack

EchoAR Sponsor Prize

Build the best AR/VR application using the echoAR platform!

Best use of Courier

Build the best project using Courier!

Best Use of Google Cloud (2)

Use any Google Cloud product in your project! First and 2 place will be choose

Best Domain Registered with Domain.com

Register a .tech, .space, or .online domain name using Domain.com during the weekend. Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. Each winning team member will receive a PowerSquare Qi Wireless Phone Charger & Domain.com Backpack.

Best Hardware Hack Sponsored by Digi-Key (2)

Using your preferred hardware or hardware emulator, build a hack for your chance to win a Grove Beginner Kit, with an embedded Arduino compatible board. 1 prize for each winning team member with 2 winning teams per event!

Best Use of CockroachDB

Build your hackathon project on CockroachDB's open source and indestructible SQL database. Utilize CockroachDB in your hack for a chance to win a 3D printing pen for each team member. What's more, ALL projects submitted that use CockroachDB will receive a free t-shirt!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Dr. William Hendrix

Dr. William Hendrix
USF Faculty

Dr. Kenneth Christensen

Dr. Kenneth Christensen
USF Faculty

Dr. Marvin Andujar

Dr. Marvin Andujar
USF Faculty

Jesus del Valle Rosales

Jesus del Valle Rosales

Sanyam Satia

Sanyam Satia

Alon Grinshpoon

Alon Grinshpoon
CEO of EchoAR

Diego Antolinez

Diego Antolinez
USF Alumni - USAA

Victoria Carlos

Victoria Carlos
USF Alumni - EA

Judging Criteria

  • Complexity
    How impressive was the hack? Was there a technical challenge or barrier the team had to overcome in order to complete the hack? Did they use any impressive technologies or services which are uncommon to students?
  • Usefulness
    Does this hack have any business potential? Is it something that could have an impact on an individual’s life? Can this help solve some problem students or individuals face today?
  • Originality
    Does it give that initial WOW factor? Is the hack something unique and interesting at first glance? Is this something that is already out there today or a complete new idea on its own?
  • Design
    Did the team think about user experience? How well designed is the interface? Any performance issues or concerns that should be taken into account?
  • Category Relevance
    How relevant is the hack to its categorized category? Does it meet the overall goal or problem statement?

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